What can CatVision.io do for you?

CatVision.io is a SDK (Software Development Kit) which gives your mobile apps powerful features such as screen share and remote access!

Let’s say it…it's cool!

Users of a mobile application equipped with CatVision.io can get a real-time online support without being asked what is currently on their screen.

The application with CatVision.io can be used remotely without a person to be physically present at the hardware that the application runs on.

For example, this can be very useful with room control tablets, mPOS systems, self-service kiosks or Android IoT devices.

Provide best-in-class support

CatVision.io is purpose-built for customer and tech support. It allows you to quickly solve any user issues with mobile apps and provide a superior customer experience. See what customer sees and guide him interactively and quickly.

Increase user engagement

Don’t let users abandon the mobile application over issues that can be easily resolved. Increase user engagement and improve conversion by showing them how to properly use your mobile app.

Save time and money

Support and interact with users remotely anytime just as if you have their mobile device on hand. Save the time and money you would have spent for traveling to the physical locations, while still providing users with all the support they need.

Strong Security

Built by mobile application cyber-security experts and powered by strong cryptography that protects users, user data and company data.

Simple to Use

IT service desk agents and customer tech support only needs a web browser to remotely resolve any issues. No configuration required.

Unlimited Scalability

CatVision.io is completely scalable to your needs. It works for everyone, from freelancers and small support teams to large data centers.

Instant Screen Sharing

Let mobile app users share their screens anytime so you can easily and quickly troubleshoot their issues, without spending endless time on the phone to figure out what the issues are.

Plug & Play

CatVision.io can be added to your mobile app in just 10 minutes. The CatVision.io SDK is designed to be small and easy to deploy. No need for rooted or jail-broken phones, fully compliant with Google Play Policy etc.

Easy Integration

CatVision.io integrates with many existing web-based applications, letting you to provide support directly from your CRM (ZenDesk, SalesForce, etc.) and other web apps you use every day. No need to switch between applications.

24/7 Support

We don’t want you to struggle. Our outstanding customer and technical support team is ready to help you day or night.

Well adopted

CatVision.io already run on tens of thousands devices and it is used by companies such as O2 or Innogy.

And more ...

Solve mobile app issues remotely as if you have physical access to the mobile device or tablet.


for personal use
for small & medium
$39.99 $19.99
per month per operator
paid annually

$23.99 when paid monthly

Limited time only!
2 months free trial.
No credit card needed.

for large enterprise
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