Era of Workforce Applications

There are countless mobile apps available for the workforce today, and they provide several solutions for challenges faced by organizations. Work on any device and any operating system, including iOS and Android devices, Schedule and dispatch so you can assign jobs and track them to closure, Full offline capabilities that give field workers the ability to work continuously without connectivity and then synchronize business applications when they are back online.

A recen article by the VP of research at Frost & Sulliva, Melanie Turek, who examined the results of it's organization survey which shows the interest of employees in using mobile software applications is stronger than expected. From 2013 to 2014, the number of companies deploying at least one mobile worker app rose from 73% to 82%, and 79% plan to deploy additional mobile worker apps during the next year. Organizations with field staff or employees who are using mobile apps regularly report that it improve efficiency, profitability, and productivity. As more employees use mobile devices to complete their work, more organizations and workers are embracing mobile apps. According to a CIO article , a recent Apperian survey found that more than 70% of respondents plan to equip more than 1,000 users with mobile apps. More important, 1/3 of respondents are deploying mobile apps to more than 5,000 users in the next two years.

As the workplace becomes shaped by the demands of a mobile workforce, it is hard to characterize mobile as a trend: it’s a reality. Along the same lines, the number of desks per person is reduced as people shift work to more convenient times and locations and workers choose to use their own devices for work, known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). BYOD enhances workforce app adoption because employees are able to use their personal devices, with which they are most familiar and comfortable. Plus, employees reportedly are happier with a mobile work style, as 65% enjoy increased flexibility, 62% saw increased productivity, and 55% saw a better work/life balance.

As mobile devices and apps in the workforce become the norm, so is the increase in the speed at which any problem encountered need to be resolved. Screen sharing and remote access is the quickest and easiest way to get this done. For instance, you are out of town and have a contract that needs specific refinement , a creative work that needs serious alteration, or marketing materials that have a slew of wrinkles to iron out immediately using your app then you realized your mobile device get hacked or need troubleshooting. Screen sharing and Android remote access will make the IT support fix the issues immediately.

At times some workers might have difficulties in operating a newly deployed apps and will need support in carrying our some task, Android screen share can do the magic. Screen sharing in particular has to be one of the most useful features present in your organization's mobile app in this century. Clients can show agents exactly what is going wrong, and agents can show clients exactly what they need to be doing.

workforce is purpose-built for customer and tech support which allow mobile app users share their screens anytime so you can easily and quickly troubleshoot their issues, without spending endless time on the phone to figure out what the issues are. Built by mobile application cyber-security experts and powered by strong cryptography that protects users, user data and company data, integrates with many existing web-based applications, letting you to provide support directly from your CRM (ZenDesk, SalesForce, etc.) and other web apps you use every day. No need to switch between applications and no configuration is required.

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