Point of Sale (POS) is generally considered as the future of hospitality industry and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), it allows an accessible, flexible, affordable and easy way to establish a shopfront with better quality of service. If you are a service provider, a restaurateur or a retailer, a POS system is an investment that will help you manage your business more efficiently. While its main function will help you manage the checkout process and record data sales, it also monitors inventory and reports to help you analyze your sales, customer preferences, and other metrics. Many systems also collect customer contact information that can be used for marketing. But the most important trend in the existing Point of sales (POS) system is the mobility - ability to move it's functionality from its generic stand to roving employees, for faster and customer friendly business. With mobile POS software for tablets and phones, you can bring the checkout to wherever you want to to be.

Mobile POS systems are tablet-based systems that run on iOS and Android platforms. Most systems have apps that you are required to download on Android or Apple tablets, although some companies sell tablets with apps or proprietary equipment pre-installed with the POS software on them. The tablet is connected or used directly with the card reader or terminal provided by your payment processor. Many include additional business management features, such as inventory and customer management tools. You can connect the POS tablet units to hardware such as cash drawers, receipt printers, billing systems and tablet stand to create a countertop checkout station. Many systems also allow adding more tablets or phones and devices such as barcode scanners to the system. With the mobile POS, you can get to know your best customers and reward them with an integrated loyalty program as it records customer information instantly on your tablet. Besides, it allows your customers pay how they want, with a range of mobile payment options from the world’s leading merchant providers. It requires only a tablet, app and selected hardware like cash drawers and receipt printers.

The mobile point-of-sale systems are gaining grounds at retailers around the world, and it's gradually replacing the traditional POS. Like other technological application, this mobile fintech application is attractive target for cyber criminals due the amount of consumer data entered into POS systems; the POS is prone to mobile malware, unauthorized access or hacking the backend which makes quick tech support such as Android screen share and access control, an important feature for any provider chosen. For example, in a restaurant business, the right POS system can be a key decision in succeeding or otherwise. In the most important times for your business such as the frantic luncheonette that has to get everyone in and out during an abbreviated lunch hour or the pre-business rush hour of a commuter coffee shop, the POS system needs to perform in just the right way. A slight issue like slow user interface (UI) or any other problem can mean fewer meals sold and unhappy customers that will lead to loss of clients or the system's feature related problem that can cause back-end accounting problems or even drop essentials such as credit card processing.

If the system crashes how quick will it be fixed and how long will you have to explain the problems you are facing? That's a question that can often be solved timely by paving to have a backup plan. The plan here is screen sharing and access control service. You don't have to lose so many hours in your business just trying to get things to work or access to the tools you need; you don't have to wait hours before someone arrives to check your device. Screen share and remote access tools helps customer support agents to solve mobile app issues remotely as if they have physical access to the mobile tablet.

TeskaLabs Ltd. is a estabilished company in providing these this services. TeskaLabs product, CatVision.io is purposely built for customer and tech support. It allows you to quickly solve any user issues with any mobile apps such as the mobile POS. The screen share and access control make our technicians see what customer sees and guide him interactively and quickly. It's built by mobile application cyber-security experts and powered by strong cryptography that protects users, user data and company data, so you don't have to worry about confidential files and sensitive information. CatVision.io integrates with many existing web-based applications, letting you provide support directly from your CRM (ZenDesk, SalesForce, etc.) and other web apps you use every day. CatVision.io already run on tens of thousands devices, and it is used to enhance customers tech support remotely by companies such as Innogy and O2, the fastest selling POS system in the Czech Republic and also a market leader in the hospitality sector.

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